Specializing in returning everyday

athletes to their active lives without pain medication, injections, or surgery!

ACE Physio & Performance is not your typical PT clinic. ACE Physio & Performance is a cash based, out-of-network provider who works FOR THE PATIENTS, and NOT for insurance companies. Our performance and overall wellness based model allows people to recover from injuries, decrease pain, and optimize physical performance without being limited by the boundaries of insurance providers.


Whether you love CrossFit, running, recreational softball, or just want to live a healthy life, your treatment will be customized to you meet your personal goals.

How It Works

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Step 1 

Find the root cause

Your first visit at ACE Physio & Performance, we'll figure out exactly what’s going on and why it occurred in the first place.

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Step 2 

Implement a Game Plan

Together we'll come up with a customized plan that focuses on treating the root cause of your pain or limitations, while helping you 
stay active.


Step 3 

Long Term Solution

Once you're feeling better, our job isn’t over. We provide you the tools you need to stay resilient, so you don't get sidelined from what you love to do!



I've worked with Adrian twice, for neck and back surgeries. I've worked with a lot of physical therapists since 1992 and Adrian gave me the most results. If I need physical therapy in future Adrian will be where I start. He found a physical problem that all others and Dr's had overlooked. 1 leg was shorter than other, a simple heel slip in one shoe corrected and gave much improvement to gait, posture  and comfort. Adrian is very thorough, I credit him with the direction I needed to get back to life. Thanks Adrian!


I have been doing virtual Physical Therapy with Dr. Cantu for about a month now. His verbal instructions are clear and concise. Not only that, he makes sure to demonstrate proper movements and exercises tailored directly on improving my range of motion, with real time feedback. His virtual visits are incredibly convenient with three children, an injury, and being in a completey different part of the state. I 100% recommend Dr. Cantu at Ace Physio & Performance. Thanks again for your help!


I came to Dr Cantu to get help with multiple problems (Achilles tendon and heel, hip, and shoulder mobility). He was able to help me correct all the problems together since insurance wasn’t a controlling factor. I learned through this experience how the absence of insurance protocols gave him the freedom to treat the body as a whole rather than one small part. He was able to get my pain greatly reduced through physical therapy. He taught me how to maintain or continue to improve the pain. He spent a lot of time explaining and making sure I understood what I needed to do and followed up with me. I would recommend him for anyone that wants to fix the entire problem, not just a small part. He knows what he’s doing.

Located inside of World Gym Burleson in Joshua, Texas & Advantage Sports Complex in Carrollton, Texas.

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