​What is Physical Therapy (PT)?

Doctors of Physical Therapy are movement experts who improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education, and prescribed movement.

After making a diagnosis, physical therapists create personalized treatment plans that help their patients improve mobility, manage pain and other chronic conditions, recover from injury, and prevent future injury and chronic disease.

​What do you treat?

  • Injury prevention

  • Performance enhancement

  • Chronic pain

  • Low back and neck pain

  • Rotator cuff injuries and other shoulder problems

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Fractures

  • Post-operative rehabilitation from orthopedic surgical procedures

  • Total joint replacements

  • Muscle strains

  • Joint sprains/pain/swelling, including knee and ankle injuries

  • Chronic pain

  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do I need a prescription, script or physician's referral?

No. A prescription, script, or referral for physical therapy is not required initially for you to be seen at ACE Physio & Performance, PLLC; you can call us to make an appointment right now. However, a referral is needed at some point. We will get a prescription if needed. If you have an issue that requires referral to a local specialist, our therapists will make that recommendation after your evaluation. 

Having quick or immediate access to your physical therapist can often be the difference between your condition being short term or long term.  You do not need to wait a week or more to be seen in our office. We often have appointments available the same day or within 24hrs.

We encourage you to call us immediately if:

  • you experience an injury

  • have a problem you want us to help you solve

  • an upcoming activity you are concerned you won't be able to do

  • you have decided you no longer want to deal with the pain

  • are tired of waiting for it to "finally go away"

What is your schedule of availability?

We are schedule by appointment only, and offer a wide range of appointment times to make it as easy as possible for clients to schedule with us.

What can I expect from my visit?

Every one of our patients is treated as a unique individual. We address your whole body, not just the part that hurts or is injured. Our goal is to understand exactly the root cause of the problem and why it's important to you for us to help you solve the issue. You will be prescribed a specific treatment plan which is designed to address the problems responsible for your pain and symptoms and help you return to an active life as soon as possible.

Physical Therapy is not a "quick fix" and you should expect to put in some work, however many people do feel relief within their 1st few visits. Most people experience a change or significant difference within 3 to 5 treatments and we typically have work to do even once your pain and symptoms have subsided because our goal is to help you become stronger and more resilient to this ever happening again.

It is impossible to predict the exact number of visits you will need as everyone's individual challenges are unique. Our typical patient is seen approximately for 1 visit a week, for about 8 visits and we'll know more specifically once we see you in the clinic. This is why we offer a FREE Total Body Screen, so you can get a clear understanding of what's going on and how long it may take to resolve before you commit to becoming our patient.

Every patient is taught how to treat themselves at home using self-treatment techniques, activity modification strategies, and corrective exercise. You will receive a personalized treatment program for treatment and long term prevention of your condition so you can stay fit, healthy, and mobile without needing pain medications, injections, or surgery.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance for our services. This allows us to deliver the highest possible level of care to our patients. We are not restricted by insurance company rules or standards that often limit the quality of care offered in the health care field. Clients do receive Superbills which can be submitted to their insurance company for reimbursement. We are considered a cash based, out of network provider, and most clients can potentially receive up to 80% reimbursement after their out of pocket has been met.

Do I need to be seen in person?

The good news is we've been helping our patients get amazing results in-person and on video. Yes, there are some conditions where seeing you in-person in our clinic will be helpful and yes, there are many conditions where meeting with your doctor of physical therapy via our secure video visit platform will help you get 100% of the results you expect.

During your initial call or visit we'll make a recommendations and give you a prescription based specifically on your needs and what's going on with your body. This may include a mix of in-person visits and video visits or either all in-person or all video. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with your therapist at your initial visit because we are here to help guide you to the best results possible.

​What should I wear?


It is important to have access to visibly examine, palpate and treat your body, muscles and tissues directly. Please bring with you a pair of loose comfortable shorts or pants which can roll up and female patients should bring a shirt which the sleeves can be rolled up.


​Where are you located?

3300 SW Wilshire Blvd, Joshua, Texas 76058; Inside of World Gym Burleson. (Left Map)

2800 N Insterstate 35E, Carrollton, Texas 75007; Inside of Advantage Sports Complex (Right Map)


We also offer virtual appointments.

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